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729's AWESOME Scoutmaster Emeritus from 2012!



Being born and having grown up in Michigan, Mr. Pace was surrounded by perfect places to start his scouting adventures. From these times, he learned many life skills, did lots of camping, and had fun. Mr. Pace enjoyed his college days at Michigan State University, graduating with a B.A. in Accounting in 1963. Bob and Angie were married soon after graduation and before he entered the U.S. Army for three years.


Upon getting out of the Army, he went to work for General Motors in Pontiac, Michigan, was then sent to Baltimore for 11 years, then back to Michigan, and onto Chicago. After 27 years, he went to work for a GMC dealer west of Chicago where he worked for 14 years before retiring and returning to Baltimore.


Mr. Pace returned to Baltimore because he and Angie like it here, and in order to be closer to their oldest daughter, Amy. It wasn't long after getting to Baltimore that Mr. Pace began assisting with their grandson, Michael, and Troop 729. Four years ago, he was asked to become an Assistant Scoutmaster and became Scoutmaster in March 2012.


Mr. Pace says, "I am very blessed to be able to be involved with the Boy Scouts of America, especially with the scouts of Troop 729." "During our journey through life, we have managed to raise 5 children - and now have 9 grandchildren - and I am very proud of each of them," Mr. Pace says.

Thank you, Mr. Pace!

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Scoutmaster Emeritus Pace

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